• Image of Hazelnut Coffee Body Polish

This amazing body scrub will transport you to a gourmet coffee shop with its delicious scent. The caffeine & peppermint in the scrub will wake you up and get you moving. Caffeine has been shown to firm and tighten skin. The high quality natural oils will leave your skin hydrated and luminous after scrubbing off dead skin cells.
This is a medium coarseness scrub best for your entire body.
I would suggest patting yourself dry after use and allowing for the natural oils to be absorbed by your skin. However if you prefer you may use a mild cleanser to remove any excess oil.

Organic Coffee,
Organic granulated sugar,
Organic hazelnut extract
Organic peppermint extract,
Organic vanilla extract,
Organic Vitamin E Oil,
Organic almond oil,
Organic coconut oil

Warning: Oils may leave bathtub slippery